The Credit Crisis

Nov 19, 2023    Rev. Steve Albertin

In the midst of this cosmic CREDIT CRISIS, where no one can ever hope to pay back what they owe the master, God chooses to balance our debt NOT on our backs but on the back of His own Son. There God declares to you and me, “I will pay back what you owe. I will cover your debts. I will assume your loans. I will carry your sins. And in exchange I will give you life, freedom and forgiveness, paid in full.”

At the center of our economic problems is a Credit Crisis: we no longer “believe” enough in each other to successfully conduct our economic activity.

At the center of the parable in today’s Gospel is also a Credit Crisis, a crisis of belief: the third slave does not “believe” in the good faith of his master. So, he suffers the consequences.

In the same way, we live our lives not “believing” in the good faith our God has shown in us. One look at our economic problems reveals what life is like in “the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

But, this is not the end of the story. In the Gospel of Matthew, the Master/God is determined to win our “credit” and good faith. So, God joins us in the “outer darkness” on the Cross and “pays” our debt. God resolves The Credit Crisis in Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we can live generously, investing ourselves in the needs of the world…

and the mission of King of Glory Lutheran Chruch.