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God The Thief

Dec 10, 2023    Rev. Steve Albertin

As we say, “The only constants in life are taxes . . . and death.” Oh, how we avoid and deny this.

Today’s 2nd Reading has a very startling image for God in Advent. When God finally comes to wrap things up for this world, it will be like a thief!

There are more attractive and appealing images for God, but few are more truthful.

Advent surely announces that the End is coming and that this old world and its days are numbered. But Advent also announces the coming of a new world for which there is no reason to be afraid.

The Second Coming/Advent of Jesus will not terrorize us like a thief in the night, but will be as the blessed dawning of a new day, as a baby born in a barn in Bethlehem.

Because of the First Advent of Jesus we can be sure that, whenever there is the Second Advent, that whenever Jesus comes again, it will not be a time to fear. It will be a time to welcome Him with praise and rejoicing.

In the meantime, we live between the two Advents. God comes to us NOW in the present! Therefore, we do not have to fret or worry about the future.