If I Had Only Known

Nov 26, 2023    Rev. Steve Albertin

Jesus tells a parable about Judgement Day. On this day God will separate the sheep from the goats. The moral of the story seems to be: God is like an undercover boss. You better care for the poor and lowly... or else.

Both declare, "If I had only known!" The statements mean something very different for each. For the sheep it expresses their distrust of God and selfish concern for themselves.

What are we? Sheep or goats? This terrifying uncertainty is resolved when we meet God in Jesus who comes to forgive sinners and turn goats into sheep.

Trusting Him changes our lives. For example, Johnny discovers that his father's love for him has made it possible for him to freely care for his father without having to be told. In the same way we get to freely care for those in need.... because in Christ we are sheep!