Lets Party

Oct 15, 2023    Rev. Steve Albertin

Jesus loved to talk about parties and go to parties as a way to demonstrate what God was up to in Him.

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells a parable about a party that a King was determined to throw no matter what.

But to everyone’s surprise this is party for everyone both good and bad. God’s grace is not a “matching grant.”

But a guy gets bounced from the party because he did not dress for the occasion. He came in his own clothes instead of the wedding robe.

Does that mean we HAVE TO do something? No. We GET TO dress up in Christ and put on the wedding robe God has provided with the invitation.

Does that mean God welcomes us to the party just as we are?

No. We will never get into the party without being dressed up. The good news is that God has included dress-up clothes with the invitation, Christ.

Let’s dress up and party!