The Greatest Miracle

Dec 24, 2023    Rev. Steve Albertin

Today’s Gospel (The Annunciation) calls our attention to Mary not just because of her important role in Biblical history but also because she reflects the struggle to trust the grace of God.

The biological impossibility of the “virgin birth” seems to be the greatest miracle here. But the greatest miracle here is the faith of Mary.

Mary had every reason not to believe Gabriel. The biggest obstacle was her own self-doubt and low status in her world. Nevertheless, she trusted the announcement of Gabriel and believed that she was “special” in the eyes of God.

In a world where we are haunted by the same fears and doubts, it will also take a miracle for us to believe that we are “special.”

That miracle happens when the angels (like Gabriel) announce to us (like Mary) that we have found favor with God. Why? Because of the one whose birth we are about to celebrate!