Mid-Week Lenten Worship and Prayer

Mar 15, 2023    Rev. David Hewitt

Welcome to worship at King of Glory Worship and Ministry Center in Carmel, IN!

On this Lenten Wednesday, let us worship Our Father in heaven, who gives us everything we need to enjoy daily bread!

During this season of Lent, Pastor David will lead us on a journey through The Lord's Prayer with his message series, "The Lord’s Prayer and the Lord’s Plan". Join us each week, as we continue the journey!

For the full order of worship, please go to https://cdn.subsplash.com/documents/3MJJJC/_source/e0f1445e-5624-41ce-b769-1376f029e699/document.pdf

Today's Songs:

   - "Lord of All Hopefulness" (ELW 765)

   - "Now It Is Evening" (ELW 572, tune: "Morning Has Broken" (ELW 556))

Today's Readings:

   - Psalm 104:10-15

Today's Message:

From our series “The Lord’s Prayer and the Lord’s Plan”

   - "Give Us Today Our Daily Bread" - Rev. David Hewitt

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