Pastor’s Message

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2021.04.11 | Message | Stay With Us Jesus | Pastor David Hewitt

Today, this second Sunday of the Easter season we encounter the story of Jesus risen from the dead, appearing as a stranger comforting two of his grieving disciples. How can we be like this stranger, and provide comfort to the people around us?

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2021.04.02 | Good Friday | A Time of Reflection | Pastor David Hewitt

Our whole Good Friday worship is a sermon. We proclaim what happened to Jesus on that Friday was a reflection of His ministry, of his deep love of service to others, then, and now.

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2021.04.01 | Maundy Thursday Message | Supper for Fools | Pastor David Hewitt

We gather for our message, celebrating the feast of fools. For the Last Supper, was never the last supper. It was a continuance of the suppers Jesus always hosted. It was the first supper of the new church. It was the supper that pointed to the next day, and his death on the cross. It was the supper which would represent the new church, the new covenant community.

Come Worship With Us

Our worship services offer a choice in time and style, but the substance of each centers on the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. In centering our lives in Him, we are inspired to make those crucial connections with people and events that provide opportunities for personal growth and service.

SATURDAY - 5:01pm

Saturday Evening Gathering - A “come as you are” gathering with music, a message and Holy Communion.

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Contemporary Worship - This service incorporates popular praise music in a less formal setting than our 11:00 service and includes scripture readings, a message from the pastor and Holy Communion.

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Classic Lutheran Liturgy - Worship focuses on participation through the liturgy, hymns and corporate confession of our faith. Holy Communion is celebrated each Sunday.