Our Vision Statement rings out a call to community action: King of Glory is called to be a lively and engaging front porch community where passionately committed believers are becoming a vibrant church without walls, offering real, life-enriching ministries so that we inspire the uncommitted to become everything Jesus created them to be.


Friendship Bible Study

This program nurtures the spiritual growth of people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities by providing a Bible lesson, skits, snacks, crafts and singing in a 60-90 minute program each Wednesday beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Join us for dinner from 5:30-6:30!

Aphasia Support

This group supports those with Aphasia, along with family members and loved ones of those affected. All are welcome! This small group meets the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Caring Meals Ministry

This team provides meals for families recovering from surgery for up to three weeks. They also prepare and serve casseroles, salads and desserts to families for memorial meals following a funeral service, allowing the family time to celebrate together the life of their loved one.

Prayer Blankets Ministry

This team makes blankets for those who are seriously ill and for new babies. Before the blankets are distributed they are blessed and prayed over.


Tutoring at Forest Dale Elementary

Members of King of Glory volunteer to tutor children at Forest Dale Elementary School. If you have an hour each week to share with a child in need of one-on-one academic direction, this is a ministry for you! You may find the online background check here. The cost is $17.95 and is good for five years.

Nora Elementary Ministry

Demographics have really changed at Nora Elementary (91st and College)! This school now is 55% Hispanic, with 22 nationalities represented including refugees from Burma and Africa. 83% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch program. King of Glory is beginning a new ministry to help families of their students. A tutoring program as well as providing transportation to appointments for those families without a vehicle are the first two priorities. To participate, a background check must be completed. Click this link Volunteer Background Check to complete the form and then return it to the church office in a sealed envelope if you would like to participate in this ministry.


The Sharing Place

The Sharing Place is a material assistance program providing free food & clothing to families in need. Located in Lawrence Township, on the far East-side of Indianapolis, the Sharing Place is staffed by volunteers recruited from the community and local congregations.


Adult and Family Mission Trips

Families spread the love of Christ through serving others by heading out periodically during the year to bring the love of Jesus Christ with a willingness to work where needed to improve the quality of life for the families they serve. Wherever there is a need, in Indiana or another state hit by a natural disaster, this group is ready to help.


Little Dresses for Africa

Simple dresses are made out of pillow cases, and distributed through the orphanages, churches and schools in Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy! Whether you prefer to sew solo or want to join in one of the group sewing parties, so far this new ministry has provided over 150 dresses to little girls in Africa and they aren’t done yet!


Karen Anderson – Missionary in Chili

Karen is an RN who first went to Chile 30 years ago and has been serving there ever since. She began by serving in a clinic, “working with the families of students who had disappeared or were detained – many believed killed – by the Pinochet security forces”. A year later Karen founded EPES (Eudcacion Popular En Salud, or “Public Education for the Masses”), initially a project of the Lutheran Church in Chile. It’s main cause was to recruit, train and equip indigenous health promoters in the poorest sections known at ‘shantytowns’. EPES focuses on Chile’s most pressing health issues among the poor – domestic violence, HIV awareness and protection, tobacco control, early detection for breast cancer and environmental health issues. EPES now reaches over 100,000 women and their families in poor communities and is also reaching across the world to help women in Africa by providing training with the “International Training Course on Popular Education in Health” for the Hope Foundation for African Women.